At the Nursery level, the main objective is to socialize the child so that he/she may feel at ease while interacting with peers and adults. It is this feeling of being at ease with one's self and the others which helps the child to achieve the other objectives, scholastic and nonscholastic. The five basic skills- the language skill, the mathematical skill, the creative skill, the social skill and the scientific skill are developed through non-formal approach i.e. the play way method.

Children are encouraged to speak, sing, dance, act, appreciate, play, exercise, draw, paint, do a craft, predict, analyze, draw conclusions, measure, classify and record. They are exposed to the pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Ample opportunities are provided for honing these skills, which cut right through the Kindergarten and the primary curriculum.

Primary Level

Our highly skilled and talented faculty are passionate early year’s educators who provide rich learning experiences for students from Class1 to Grade 4. Balancing a rigorous curriculum with a joyful approach to instruction, students acquire the skill set they need for continued success and cultivate a love for learning that will help guide them through future challenges and prepare them to thrive in a global society. Our academic programmes are purposefully designed to actively engage students in learning through inquiry and investigation. Inquiry-based education encourages curiosity, creativity, and collaboration, skills critical today for the entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers of tomorrow.

Secondary Level

The Secondary Level offers a caring and academically rich environment in which all students from class 5 to 8 are challenged to pursue their passions and reach their potential. Middle school is a time marked by great change in an individual’s life. During these years, adolescents develop their sense of self and their relationship with the world around them. Our community of caring and talented educators is committed to nurturing, inspiring and challenging each student at this important stage of his or her development.

Our academic programme is rigorous and focused on the cultivation of deep and meaningful understanding. Students are challenged to think, question, express and create, and to transform their ideas into action. Learning in the Secondary Level is hands-on, active and collaborative. Our student-centered approach recognizes learners as individuals, each with his or her unique journey of discovery ahead. The program of study consists of major courses in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Physical Education.

Senior Secondary Level

In Senior Secondary Level you will find an extraordinarily talented and hard-working faculty and staff who challenge students of classes 9-12 to find their identity as doctors, Engineers, scholars, artists, Professionals, journalists, leaders, athletes and scientists. In addition to being prepared for their academic steps beyond high school, our students accumulate the skills, knowledge and experiences that motivate them to make a positive impact on their communities and on the world. Challenging coursework in all major disciplines and rich extracurricular opportunities provide students with a degree of flexibility to design a high school experience that best addresses their academic, emotional and physical development.

The curriculum is based on the CBSE's pattern of education. Streams offered:

  • Non-Medical group: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and English.
  • Medical Group: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science and English.
  • Commerce Group: Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Computer Science and English.