Principal’s Message

A. RAMYA, Principal

As the proud Principal of this first CBSE School in Sathyamangalam, with a well-respected history of exceptional outcomes and opportunities for the gifted and talented kids since 2008, I warmly welcome you to the website of Rank International Senior Secondary School-Sathyamangalam.

There is a pursuit of academic excellence through our talented and dedicated staff whose exhibiting love to educate is contagious to the children as their learning outcome. We are committed to the society both locally and globally for its myriad perspectives.

We celebrate each and every student here with their individuality by providing a “wrap around” academic, social and cultural curriculum. Each child has a gift to share with the universe which we work hard to unwrap it

Our staff are the assets of our school who deliver their passion for molding the children as an all-rounder not only in academics but also in their gifted knowledge. The children are given a wider knowledge in the desired extracurricular activities.

We are proud that we follow the words of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, that education system should retain the smiles of children. As to nurture the cultural values in the children we give importance to our traditional games, traditional activities and also traditional basics.

Even though we celebrate our mother tongue as our soul, we cherish English as the strings which connect us to the rest of the world. Hence we give the route map through different language skills for the kid to connect itself out of its home.

It is all these reasons that I am very proud to be the Principal of the institution. I hope that your travel through our website will give you our dossier. Nothing though can substitute for a visit, so I very much look forward to welcoming you to the school at one of our regular events.