Routes to Root

India has always been rich in culture and heritage and games have been an important part of Indian culture since forever. Gradually the time changed and so did our sports.

In a generation which seems to be immersed in gadgets, all our traditional games seem to be in rarity. Although video games are at times informatory we should admit that by playing our traditional games, there is no strain in the eyes, we get vitamin D by playing under the sun and the immunization also increases thereby playing outside in open environment.

Sitting in front of a computer or a video game increases the stress in the eyes, brain and also obesity. Whereas in the traditional games, we get different benefits. While Pallankuzhi involves addition, that angel gives us multiplication. Thayam enhances the addition and also the analyzing the situation as in Sokkatan. Noorankuchi introduces to patience and focuses whereas Uppumootai increases the stamina.

Go why not reconnect with our roots and enjoy these lesser-known traditional games of India? Considering all the above-said facts, our children are introduced to all the traditional games on Saturday jolly day theme.

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